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Hello World

Based on popular demand and stuff i’m finally starting a blog. Hopefully, this blog should become a place on the internet where I get to share my thoughts on Life, Programming and anything I feel like basically. One thing that was holding me back from doing this earlier was due to the fact that I always wanted to build it myself from scratch for some weird reason. Unfortunately, I never could find the time to do it so I eventually lost interest in having my own blog.

That was until I discovered gatsby. Gatsby is a free and open source static-site generator built with react. Out of the box it comes with a lot of features I was actually looking to build myself. I get to write in markdown, host for free on netlify and sharpen my react skills. Basically Gatsby was a great choice for me.

My intention is to publish at least 2 articles a month, I’m currently learning Golang so the next two articles I write are probably going to be focused on that, so check back soon and thank you for reading.